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Luccaring – circuito de’ baluardi

26 stycznia 2017

LuccaRing is a fictional track set around the iconic walls of Lucca (Toscana). While not used as an actual race track, the roads around town seem shaped to perfectly fit one and have thus been carefully modeled after the real thing using an accurate points cloud of the area, and on-site measurements. Hundreds of photos were taken and re-worked to texture thousands of buildings and assets.

Track info
Length: 5450m
Number of turns: 16
Direction: clockwise
Pit boxes: 23
AI, v0.7 included
4 camera sets, courtesy of mr. Norbs and mr. Crunchie

If you like their work please go to their website and donate here.

Big props&kudos to: Johnnyboy_99 (buildings), Stereo (buildings), Marco Ferrari (texture polishing), Nicola Canali (testing), Nausicaa Crivellari (logo + track map + PS tips & tricks)



  • Added fully 3D Porta San Pietro and Porta Sant’Anna + baked AO
  • Fixed camera facing people .ini values
  • Added mipmaps to most textures
  • Updated several shaders/textures
  • Added more AO bakings (offtrack tarmac, terrain and others)
  • Removed tyre barriers at T7
  • Fixed several trees positions
  • Fixed sponsors positions at Porta San Petro
  • Added missing garden fences/walls (100% done!)
  • Added a few textured and AO baked buildings inside the walls
  • Fixed some floating cardboard grass patches
  • Faster load times (from 20+ secs of previous versions to 13 secs on my SSD for the 0.9HD version, and 8 seconds for the 0.9SD version)
  • Splitted some physics surfaces for (slightly) better CPU performance


Assetto Corsa Luccaring


Assetto Corsa Luccaring Download