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Honda Racing Lawn Mower
Cars / 11 maja 2017

140kg 109HP 97Nm 0-100: 4s 130km/h Nurburgring Sprint: soon Exterior 8/10 Interior -/10 Physics 8/10 V. 18.04.17 Sound works in AC 1.9… source DOWNLOAD

Honda Civic Type-R EK9
Cars / 28 stycznia 2017

Credits: Remco Versteeg – Converting/shaders/small 3d & texture shit Herman Mikhaylov – 3D/Suggestions Giuseppe Abagnale – Physics Thor Porup Rasmussen – Paintjobs/shitload of texture stuff Harrison15 – Remade the whole Forza R33 Marco Angelos – 3D Mina El-Kess – 3D The Coffee Club – Testing Thanks to all who supported.

Honda S800 Cabriolet
Cars / 25 stycznia 2017

Like the S600, it was available as either a coupe or roadster and continued the advanced technology of its predecessors. The 791 cc straight-4 engine produced 70 hp (52 kW) at 8000 rpm, thus making this Honda’s first 100 mph (160 km/h) automobile, but still allowing for 35 mpg (6.7 L/100 km). In April 1967 the car was described as the fastest production 1-litre car in the world thanks to its high revving engine (up to 10,000 rpm) and the manufacturer’s history of manufacturing powerful relatively low capacity motor-cycle engines. 3D model and textures by Alberto Daniel Russo Physics by Aphidgod Sound bank from Kunos’ Alfa Romeo GTA Ready to roll on AC 1.9.3 Things left to do for the final version: – Fix driver shift animation – Proper sounds – Get feedback on physics from a real owner (if possible!) – Make the coupe model Assetto Corsa Honda S800 Cabriolet Download

Honda S800 RSC
Cars / 25 stycznia 2017

In the early Sixties the Honda S-series were awe-inspiring to the average citizen when kei cars ruled the roads. The “RSC” which stood for Honda Racing Service Center, was even more so, bumping displacement to 873cc for a claimed 100-plus ps at 10,500 rpm (for comparison, a stock S800 made 70ps at 8,000 rpm). Listen to that motor spit hot fiyah! This particular S800 RSC is famous for winning the GT-1 class at the 1968 12 Hours of Suzuka, beating out a field of fellow S800s and an army of Toyota Sports 800s. Even more impressively, drivers Kuniomi Nagamatsu and Yoshifumi Kikura won third overall, ahead of much more powerful cars like the Nissan Fairlady Roadster, RT55 Toyota 1600GT, Isuzu Bellett 1600GT, and Prince Skyline 2000GT (A pair of Toyota 7 race cars won first and second). CREATED BY ALBERTO DANIEL RUSSO aka A3DR PHYSICS BY JASON COATES aka APHIDGOD​ Assetto Corsa Honda S800 RSC Download

Honda Civic EK9 Type R
Cars / 25 stycznia 2017

725kg 210HP 230Nm 0-100: 4.6s 240km/h Nurburgring Sprint: 1:47.2 Exterior 9/10 Interior 9/10 Physics 8/10 V. 0.10+fix (22.04.15) source DOWNLOAD

Honda NSX (R) 90′
Cars / 25 stycznia 2017

1380-1260kg 270-290HP 285-305Nm 0-100: 5.7-5s 270+km/h Nurburgring Sprint: 1:50.1-1:54.4 Exterior 10/10 Interior 10/10 Physics 10/10 V. 1.0 (06.03.13) source DOWNLOAD