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Winter Nords Mod
Other Addons / 18 lutego 2017

Winter Nords Mod changes 90% of textures on the Nordschleife track to give a snowy atmosphere. It includes changes in vegetation, asphalt, fences, posters, structures, buildings, vehicles, marshals and much more … It also includes the option of making changes in the traction and grip of the asphalt. With this option you get a similar sensation to driving on a more slippery asphalt. (Always limited by 3D modeling, mirror effects and o...

Tokushima Kartland Drift Circuit
Tracks / 14 lutego 2017

Tokushima Kartland Drift Circuit Tokushima Kartland Drift Circuit. Converted from rFactor. Original credits go to RastaDrifter for making a sick track. Converted for Assetto Corsa Enjoy and happy drifting from Ziptie-Gang Mods!   Assetto Corsa Tokushima Kartland Drift Circuit

Tracks / 8 lutego 2017

Reutlingen 3.4 km Layouts: 1 V. 03.02.17 source DOWNLOAD Port from Race07.

Cars / 7 lutego 2017

456kg 120HP 155Nm 0-100: 4.1s 205+km/h Nurburgring Sprint: soon Exterior 7/10 Interior 7/10 Physics 10/10 V. 0.9.7 (20.01.17) Sound works in AC 1.9… source DOWNLOAD Soviet Union (Estonian Soviet Republic) Formula Easter car. Maybe it was the first car with a ground-effect in Eastern Europe. It was made in 1980 by Raul Sarap in TARK factory. The prototype car was a Lotus-81. It had 1300 Lada engine and 5-speed ZAZ gearbox. It wa...

Toyota Corolla Altis VLN SP3
Cars / 7 lutego 2017

1020kg 160+HP 200+Nm 0-100: s 220+km/h Nurburgring Sprint: soon Exterior 9/10 Interior wip/10 Physics 9/10 V. 0.52 (30.01.17) Sound works in AC 1.9… source DOWNLOAD Toyota takes part to VLN endurance series with GT86 in V3 production class and with Corolla Altis in SP3 specials class. Quality 3D model, original physics. Still wip.