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Tracks / 26 stycznia 2017

Kanagawa update version 0.4 27pits by ‎Guillaume Rousseau New camera New textures New shaders

IER Car Pack #1 – USCC Mod 1.01
Cars , Tracks / 26 stycznia 2017

Download This Mod 159.1 MB .7z IER Car Pack #1 – USCC   IER Simulations proudly presents a major update to our first car pack, now available on RaceDepartment. Info: -LINK TO OUR WEBSITE- -LINK TO STANDARD DEFINITION LIVERY PACK-​ If you like our work, feel free to donate via our website. Be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter (bottom right of website home page) for instant news updates to your email. 2014 Corvette Daytona Prototypes by IER Simulations DELETE ALL PREVIOUS VERSION(S) OF THE MOD BEFORE INSTALLING A NEW VERSION. Creators: mclarenf1papa- physics, project manager, textures, skins Stereo- 3D modeling, textures, skins Rosicky10- skins Fonsecker- sounds Patrik Marek, Marc Orphanos- driver animations Changelog (since on RD): v1.1 -Shaders and materials updated – Various bug fixes – Physics updates (brake temperature, TMV10, new aerodynamic properties, etc.) – Visual aerodynamic setup adjustments added – Performance improvements via optimized textures and materials v1.0 -3D completed for both the Dallara and Coyote chassis –Completely revamped physics based on data from engineers of the real car -Driver animations for both versions -Full LOD implementation for better frame rates -Feature list updated to current version of AC -New and improved sounds -New shaders -Various graphical…

Tracks / 26 stycznia 2017

Assetto Corsa / MONTE ERICE (Sicily,ITALY) /  PUBLIC BETA v0.85 DOWNLOAD ROAD TO DOWNLOAD STARTS HERE:                            

Luccaring – circuito de’ baluardi
Tracks / 26 stycznia 2017

LuccaRing is a fictional track set around the iconic walls of Lucca (Toscana). While not used as an actual race track, the roads around town seem shaped to perfectly fit one and have thus been carefully modeled after the real thing using an accurate points cloud of the area, and on-site measurements. Hundreds of photos were taken and re-worked to texture thousands of buildings and assets. Track info Length: 5450m Number of turns: 16 Direction: clockwise Pit boxes: 23 AI, v0.7 included 4 camera sets, courtesy of mr. Norbs and mr. Crunchie If you like their work please go to their website and donate here. Contributors Big props&kudos to: Johnnyboy_99 (buildings), Stereo (buildings), Marco Ferrari (texture polishing), Nicola Canali (testing), Nausicaa Crivellari (logo + track map + PS tips & tricks) v0.9   Added fully 3D Porta San Pietro and Porta Sant’Anna + baked AO Fixed camera facing people .ini values Added mipmaps to most textures Updated several shaders/textures Added more AO bakings (offtrack tarmac, terrain and others) Removed tyre barriers at T7 Fixed several trees positions Fixed sponsors positions at Porta San Petro Added missing garden fences/walls (100% done!) Added a few textured and AO baked buildings inside the…

Sportsland SUGO
Tracks / 26 stycznia 2017

Sportsland SUGO is a motorsports facility located in the town of Murata, Shibata District, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. It opened in 1975 and is one of the largest motorsports facilities in Japan, with a total area of 2.1 million m². It offers four specialized race courses – a road racing course, a motocross course, a trials course, and a go-kart course. Track features:​ 30 Pits and Grid spots Working ai 3d grass Trackmap Changes to suit the 2015/16 videos, publicity boards road surroundings curbs position curbs usage Physical mesh 2 Camera sets helicopter style (More camera sets in the future !) Animated flags Credits: Tiago Lima – If you like his work please donate HERE   Assetto Corsa Sportsland SUGO Download

Hero Shinoi Circuit
Tracks / 26 stycznia 2017

Hero Shinoi Circuit Hero Shinoi Circuit For Assetto corsa Converted by Tiago Lima -20 pit boxes -3d grass -physical mesh -AI line Credits go to umimi2000 for is amazing rfactor work Thank you umimi2000 For giving the ok !! Tiago Lima for the conversion If you like his work please donate HERE v1.0 –   Assetto Corsa Hero Shinoi Circuit Download

Battersea DC Compound
Tracks / 26 stycznia 2017

Battersea DC Compound is now out for Assetto Corsa It’s gymkhana time!!!!! As some of you have already recognized, it’s the Powerstation track from Dirt3, where i spent most of the time playing Outbreak with others online. Now Dirt3 times are over since Assetto Corsa was released its now been imported for everyone to play. Credits: MarkHunter v0.9.5 -fixed ramps -fixed trailer height -slight changes on some surfaces for smoother driving over ramps and wood Assetto Corsa Battersea DC Compound Download

Tracks / 26 stycznia 2017

Aspertsham is located in Upper Bavaria (80 km away from Munich) and is 3.6 km long with very narrow roads. The layout is more or less a classic triangle circuit with three slow corners, connected by straights and some bends. At the moment it’s for hot lapping only. Credit: Thomas Laechele v0.6 Important note: Please don’t take a trip into the maize fields, you will fall through (will be fixed in next update). optimization: – reduced number of materials: 632 -> 532 (–100) (still faaar too many materials) – reduced number of textures: 536 -> 468 (–68) (the same here) – better tree shadows at high noon (layers for shadows added) – some improved shader settings / UV coordinates fixed: – orientation of starting boxes – gates for section time are now further away from road – the layout was a bit off on both sides of the corner in Hargassen, now it’s fixed new: – track description – Summer vegetation (late July instead of May/June), therefore maize fields – updates according to real life changes – five new buildings – nine new textures test: – 3D tree trunk (at the moment for one tree, first one on the left…

Circuit Mas du Clos
Tracks / 26 stycznia 2017

The small circuit at Mas du Clos has never held nationally-sanctioned motor racing events, instead focusing on providing excellent test and track day facilities in stunningly beautiful surroundings. Recent years have sadly seen activities curtailed as wrangles continue as to whether the private venue needs to accord with international safety standards – the owners now seem set to consolidate their activities on a gravel rally track. Full Circuit 1.909 miles / 3.072 km Track Features Physics Mesh (Bumpy Old Track) 2 Layouts – Full Circuit & Short Loop Invisible Collision Mesh 17 Pit Boxes Track Maps Working AI Audio Sources (Building & Bridge Reverbs) 4 Camera Sets (Courtesy of norbs & Sunny Sky Speed – Thanks Lads) Credits: Jim Lloyd V0.9 Added Proper sand traps – and adjusted to match final 2010 layout – as it was at time of closing Re-painted entire terrain – more subtle details Fixed Sticky Barriers – new collision mesh created Fixed Out of bounds drop lap issue – Re-positioned timing gates Added Track Logo Banner Added patches Seams New Track edges Approx 10 more frames optimization (LOD grass and all other elements around track)     Assetto Corsa Circuit Mas du Clos Download

Tracks / 26 stycznia 2017

PeterBitt started working on a Autobahn track for AC and got the basics done. The road mesh and textures for lane width and road markings, as well as the guard rails have the exact dimensions they have in real life. For now this is mostly a proof of concept as there is only the road, guard rails and very rough terrain at the moment. As he makes every model and texture by hand and from scratch this will take a while to fill with life, so he wanted to share this basic WIP already. Because with the AI it is actually quite a bit of fun imo. The AI line is recorded so that they try to stick to the right lane and overtake on the left, just like the German “Rechtsfahrgebot” suggests. They are a bit wobbly tho and sometimes overtake on the right – work in progress! Credits: PeterBitt For all information on this track please click here.