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Toyota Supra 2.0 TwinTurbo (GA70) – V.01

31 stycznia 2017

Download link: Supra GTT GA70 v01
Skin Templates will be released soon.

The Supra MK3 GTT was the ultimate japanese sports car in late 80’s: The Corvette Killer .. Exclusive cars for the japanese domestic market, this machine defined a new era for many 6-inline twin turbocharged engines and was the ‘rebirth’ of one of the greatest japanese sports cars.

Produced between 1988 and 1990, the GTT “GA70” had an 1G-GTEU engine, with 6cc DOHC24v, 1988cc, Twin Turbo, 5 Speed manual gear box, that produced more than 210hp at 6200rpm and 24,5kgfm at 3800rpm. The late GTT “JZA70”, produced between 1990 and 1993 was featuring the updated 1JZ-GTE engine, displacing 2491cc and producing more than 280hp at 6200rpm and 36,3kgfm at 4800rpm, with the same gearbox and bigger turbos. Both cars had double wishbone suspension and limited slip differential.

Also, there is an 3.0 Turbo that was used in JTCC Group A series, with a 7M-GTE engine with a 2 bar CT-26 turbocharger, that produced up to 575hp and 62kgfm @4400rpm. This racing version will be exactly reproduced, both exterior and interior, along with the custom liveries.

For me, they were simply one of the best japanese sports car ever made.

Changelog V01:

– Animated gaudges (Turbo, Fuel, RPM and Speed)
– Interior and Exterior textures and shader improovements
– Interior and Exterior ilumination
– Wheels Blur effect working
– Physics ajustments: Suspension, Brakes, Turbos, Power Curve and Differential

Knowed Issues:
– Shifting animation don’t work
– Headlights animation don’t work
– Driver camera must be set manualy (Use the Camera APP)
– Generic colliders, still need some work

Hope you enjoy!