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Toyota Corolla/Altis SP3 v05.2

31 stycznia 2017

still heavily WIP – especially cockpit

model, texturing & shaders by Patrik Marek
interior model by Bill Wiskins
GazooRacing skin by Bill Wiskins
initial physics by David Massieux
physics by Abbo90
sounds by Fonsecker
testings & feedback by Ben Lee and Abbo90
bit thanks to Milan Juza for providing reference photos, and all the other people I forgotten about



v05.2 update
– release version of the physics
– small tweaks to external model ( based on some reviews)
– added exhaust model and new backfires

 Version history

WIP / known issues / still to improve
some slight updates on exterior
cockpit needs a lot of polishing and texture work
LODs are not utilized yet properly
needs damage and dirt texture

when sharing a mod on your own webpage, can you please post link here, rather then sharing the file directly?
it doesn’t cost you anything, and people don’t have to register here to be able to download this car was initially done for Toyota Racing development simulator, but then it wasn’t fully realized, so we are going to release it here.
Car originally based on model bought from 3dKen, but it was later heavily reworked to work with game engine and also heavily corrected for shape/proportions and lot’s of cleanup. Interior is fully made from scratch if you have any issues with the model, please leave the comments here and we will try to respond as best as we can


Download This Mod 30.9 MB .rar