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KRB Audi S1 Silhouette
Cars / 11 maja 2017

1325kg 800-1100HP 800+Nm 0-100: 4.3s 300km/h Nurburgring Sprint: soon Exterior 10/10 Interior 9/10 Physics 10/10 V. 1.0 (19.03.17) Sound works in AC 1.9… source DOWNLOAD It’s a one-off build by KRB-Trading of Norway for the “Extreme”-class race series, held as part of the Scandinavian Gatebil tuner/car culture festivals. A car built with basically no rules and limits. Somewhere between Unlimited Time Attack and “cure for polar ...

Ford F350 Stair Truck
Cars / 11 maja 2017

1660kg 235HP 460Nm 0-100: –s 160+km/h Nurburgring Sprint: soon Exterior 9/10 Interior 8/10 Physics 8/10 V. 1.1 (14.04.17) Sound works in AC 1.9… source DOWNLOAD This is a 1977 Ford F350, sold as a single cab with dual rear tires on a Dana D70 axle. Although it’s called a 1 ton truck, the gross weight limit is around 5 1/4 tons. As an upgrade, an airport outfitted it with a set of stairs so it could be used to access...

Honda Racing Lawn Mower
Cars / 11 maja 2017

140kg 109HP 97Nm 0-100: 4s 130km/h Nurburgring Sprint: soon Exterior 8/10 Interior -/10 Physics 8/10 V. 18.04.17 Sound works in AC 1.9… source DOWNLOAD

VRC 1991 Jordan 191
Cars / 11 maja 2017

505kg 660HP 380Nm 0-100: 2.5s 340km/h Nurburgring Sprint: soon Exterior 10/10 Interior 10/10 Physics 10/10 V. 1.0 (07.05.17) Sound works in AC 1.9… source DOWNLOAD The Jordan-Ford 191 is a Formula One Racing car designed by Jordan Grand Prix for the 1991 FIA Formula One World Championship where Jordan Grand Prix made his debut as a Formula One team.

Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i
Cars / 11 maja 2017

730kg 63HP 95Nm 0-100: 12.8s 148km/h Nurburgring Sprint: 2:15.8 Exterior 8/10 Interior 9/10 Physics reworked by ACClub V. rework by ACClub (10.05.2017) Sound works in AC 1.9… DOWNLOAD -Physics: reworked by ACClub -Modelling: Dinca Andrei/eboo -Sounds: KitrinosKat -project founder/betatester: Piotr Lewandowski.

Daytona Roadcourse
Tracks / 16 marca 2017

Daytona Road Course for AC By Terra21 and Jim Lloyd with Permission From Alex Coutie and is based on his RF2 Track. This brings back the memories! Wasted so much money playing this at the arcade haha. -Shaders Updated -New Objects and Textures Throughout Track – New Sponsor Boards – Road Texture updated with Fresnal Mutlimap Details – Dynamic Air Balloon – Sections.ini added for corner names – 3 Cameras and Working AI -43 Pitboxes Wo...

Hooniganz99’s Drift Pack
Cars / 20 lutego 2017

Hooniganz99’s Drift Pack v.1.0 for AC 1.7.5 includes 4 cars by Hooniganz Drifterz I’ve been working on this mod pack for a little while now, and I feel that it’s finally ready for release! V1.0 features 4 Kunos cars that have been edited to fit the Drift scene of Assetto Corsa more than the standard versions. I hope you enjoy these cars! *IMPORTANT* You will need the correspon...

Super GT500 Pack 5in1
Cars / 20 lutego 2017

Toyota Supra GT500 Toyota Supra SuperGT `05 Nissan GTR GT500 Lexus SC430 GT500 Honda NSX GT500

Tajo Hillclimb
Tracks / 18 lutego 2017

The Tajo Hillclimb The track runs from Poveda de la Sierra to Taravilla. Two locations located in the Alto Tajo Natural Park, Spain. Much of the stretch is just inspiration, no attempt has been made to copy the exact reality. There are many experiments and things that have gone “wrong” (bumps, cambers….) because he is learning along the way but in general I think you can enjoy the stretch. He does not intend to make many more modific...